Saw a sign at a local elementary school that had the word NAVIGATOR on its sign.  It just goes to show that songs come from the strangest places sometimes.

Rather Have You Here

 This is for all the mothers and fathers who have lost their sons and daughters in the Armed Forces.  I was inspired to write it from listening to Mary Gauthier's album, Rifles & Rosary Beads, and all the great songs on the Songwriting With Soldiers website. 

The One Who Wins

Imagine if Jeannie Seely, Jan Howard, and Loretta Lynn got together with Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, and Kacey Musgraves to write a "you done me wrong" song! That's what I was picturing in my head when I wrote this one. It's called "THE ONE WHO WINS" and I hope you like it. It's a little different than my others, but it's a lot of fun to sing. 

Heart Back Guarantee

 Don't you wish that love came with a heart back guarantee?

Good Enough For Me

Love Shouldn't Hurt

These Memories Ain't For Sale

My grandparents moved out of their house after living there for 50 years.  We had to sell a lot of their belongings at a yard sale.  I started writing this song during the sale. 

Walk With Me

After seeing these words written on a sidewalk in Knoxville, Tennessee, I thought of how important they are in our world and I was inspired to write this song. #walkwithme

In Between

We are all in between stages of life.  I thought that was an interesting idea to write a song about.  

Writing Letters

This song is written from the perspective of a man in prison, writing letters to his family.  

It's a Fine Line

Her Roots Are Showin'

Sometimes, no matter how many years pass, and no matter how far we may travel from our childhood homes, our roots show through.  That's what this song is about.  

I Go High

When I heard Michelle Obama say, "When they go low, we go high," I thought about how I have tried to do that when kids are mean to me.  This is not a political song.  It's a song about a struggle we all face in dealing with people that don't treat us very nicely.

This song earned First Place recognition in the Gospel/Inspirational category at the 2017 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.

Old School, Old Soul

Many of the musicians I have gotten to play with in Nashville have commented that I am an old soul.  This song describes me so well and it was a thrill to sing it with my friends Carl Jackson and Jerry Salley at the 2016 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.


People spin the truth in many different ways.  It seems like this has been the case even more during the 2016 presidential election.  People have lost friends and everyone seems angry with each other.  It's such a shame.  When I wrote this song, I thought that even though it can be describing politics, it is also about the way people act in the halls at my school.

This song earned First Place recognition in the Jazz/Blues category at the 2017 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.

Her Song

This song was inspired by Lyndel Rhodes, a 92 year-old harmonica player whose story I learned about last year.  If you would like to find out more about Lyndel, please visit her website,

Kid in a Candy Shop

I sing at a candy shop owned by Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  When Jeff was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, he talked about how much his son enjoys the candy there.  They joked that he's literally a "kid in a candy shop."  That sounded like a song to me.  This song is about how we should all live our lives like a kid in a candy shop.  

I had a blast singing this at the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival with my friends Carl Jackson and Jerry Salley.